Chicken in Turkish Walnut Sauce

Pureeing pieces of bread with toasted walnuts and broth ensures a lush and creamy Turkish sauce for chicken. Chicken in Turkish Walnut Sauce SERVES 4

Greek Lemon Rice Pudding

We found that using short-grain Arborio rice gives Greek pudding a silky-smooth texture. Greek Lemon Rice Pudding SERVES 8 WHY THIS RECIPE WORKS Traditional Greek

Olive Oil–Yogurt Cake

Whole-milk yogurt gives this traditional cake tang and richness, and extra-virgin olive oil offers subtle, fruity notes. Olive Oil–Yogurt Cake SERVES 12 WHY THIS RECIPE

Almond Cake

We use the food processor to grind the almonds and make the batter for our classic almond cake. Almond Cake SERVES 12 WHY THIS RECIPE

Fig Phyllo Cookies

We roll confectioners’ sugar–coated phyllo around a jammy fig filling for attractive cookies that hold their shape. Fig Phyllo Cookies MAKES about 24 cookies WHY


These traditional Italian cookies get their richness and flavor from slivered almonds, pine nuts, and sugar. Pignoli MAKES about 18 cookies WHY THIS RECIPE WORKS

Greek Sesame-Honey Bars

Cooking honey to the proper temperature guarantees the best flavor and texture in these Greek sesame treats. Greek Sesame-Honey Bars MAKES 32 bars WHY THIS

Nectarines and Berries in Prosecco

To make a composed and cohesive combination, we macerate fruit with sugar before pouring sparkling wine on top. Nectarines and Berries in Prosecco SERVES 6