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What To Eat

What To Eat?

Foods to focus on every day:
 vegetables and fruits;
 nuts and seeds;
 beans and potatoes;
 whole grain cereals;
 herbs and spices;
 fish and seafood;
 olive oil.

Foods to eat 3-6 times per week:
 poultry;
 eggs;
 cheeses and other fatty dairy products;
 butter;
 sour cream;
 fatty yogurt;
 lean meat (rarely).

Once a week:
 red meet;
 sweets.

Prohibited foods for diet:
Diet, like many other weight loss programs, prohibits the inclusion of the following products in recipes:
 fast food and convenience foods;
 refined vegetable oils;
 sausages;
 refined cereals;
 products containing hydrogenated fats.

Snacks on the Mediterranean diet:
This type of food does not imply more than three full meals per day. So it’s good that snacks are allowed:
 nuts;
 pieces of fruit;
 carrot;
 berries, first of all, grapes;
 Greek yogurt;
 peanut butter.

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