Honey-Glazed Peaches with Hazelnuts

For intensely flavorful glazed peaches, we broil the fruit and then reduce the accumulated juice to make a thick syrup. Honey-Glazed Peaches with Hazelnuts SERVES

Chicken B’stilla

Spiced chicken and a layer of almonds, cinnamon, and sugar give our Moroccan pie its trademark sweet-savory contrast. Chicken B’stilla SERVES 10 to 12 WHY

Pumpkin Borek

Sheets of phyllo re-create the texture of the traditional dough typically used in this savory Mediterranean pastry. Pumpkin Borek SERVES 10 to 12 VEG WHY

Thin-Crust Pizza

Putting the baking stone near the top of the oven helps our classic pizza develop good browning. Thin-Crust Pizza MAKES two 13-inch pizzas, serving 4