Rosemary Focaccia

For focaccia that is rich but light, we bake it in olive oil–coated cake pans and poke the dough with a fork before baking. Rosemary

Red Pepper Coques

Parcooking the dough and the topping separately creates a crisp, ultraflavorful Spanish flatbread. Red Pepper Coques MAKES 4 coques, serving 6 to 8 VEG WHY


Quick-cooking ground lamb and hot pepper paste top this savory Middle Eastern flatbread. Lahmacun MAKES four 9-inch flatbreads, serving 4 to 6 WHY THIS RECIPE

Mushroom Musakhan

A spiced onion jam contrasts nicely with earthy mushrooms in our vegetarian take on this Palestinian flatbread. Mushroom Musakhan MAKES two 15 by 8-inch flatbreads,

Pita Bread

A well-hydrated dough and a preheated baking stone ensure that our pita has a hollow interior perfect for stuffing. Pita Bread MAKES eight 8-inch pitas


Jarred piquillo peppers and fresh yellow bell peppers create a complex and flavorful sauce for this Tunisian egg dish. Shakshuka SERVES 4 VEG WHY THIS