Chicken B’stilla

Spiced chicken and a layer of almonds, cinnamon, and sugar give our Moroccan pie its trademark sweet-savory contrast. Chicken B’stilla SERVES 10 to 12 WHY

Pumpkin Borek

Sheets of phyllo re-create the texture of the traditional dough typically used in this savory Mediterranean pastry. Pumpkin Borek SERVES 10 to 12 VEG WHY


To prevent our traditional spanakopita from becoming soggy, we microwave and wring out fresh curly-leaf spinach. Spanakopita SERVES 10 to 12 VEG WHY THIS RECIPE

Thin-Crust Pizza

Putting the baking stone near the top of the oven helps our classic pizza develop good browning. Thin-Crust Pizza MAKES two 13-inch pizzas, serving 4

Rosemary Focaccia

For focaccia that is rich but light, we bake it in olive oil–coated cake pans and poke the dough with a fork before baking. Rosemary

Red Pepper Coques

Parcooking the dough and the topping separately creates a crisp, ultraflavorful Spanish flatbread. Red Pepper Coques MAKES 4 coques, serving 6 to 8 VEG WHY

Za’atar Bread

We let the dough for our za’atar -topped flatbread rise in the fridge to develop the best flavor and most even texture. Za’atar Bread MAKES