Egyptian Barley Salad

Boiling nutty pearl barley ensures the grains stay separate and distinct in this flavorful Egyptian salad. Egyptian Barley Salad SERVES 6 to 8 VEG WHY

Grilled Paella

Grilling paella gives it a rich, smoky flavor and using traditional Bomba rice creates a perfectly crisp rice crust. Grilled Paella SERVES 8 WHY THIS

Indoor Paella

This ultraflavorful paella is made using streamlined ingredients in a Dutch oven. Indoor Paella SERVES 6 WHY THIS RECIPE WORKS For a classic paella that


This hearty Italian risotto gets meaty, savory flavor from a small amount of browned pancetta and salami. Paniscia SERVES 8 WHY THIS RECIPE WORKS The

Seafood Risotto

Letting briny shrimp and sweet bay scallops cook gently in the creamy rice guarantees perfectly cooked seafood. Seafood Risotto SERVES 4 to 6 WHY THIS