Grilled Swordfish with Italian Salsa Verde

These simple swordfish steaks get their flavor both from the grill and a sauce full of classic Italian ingredients.

Grilled Swordfish with Italian Salsa Verde
WHY THIS RECIPE WORKS When developing our grilled swordfish recipe, our first step was to choose thicker steaks because thinner steaks overcooked easily. (It’s the dense, meaty flesh that keeps the steaks from falling apart.) Since they can stay on the grill longer, the thicker steaks also picked up more smoky flavor. We found it was important to leave the fish in place long enough that it developed good grill marks before moving it. A two-level fire was necessary so the fish could sear over the hot fire and then cook through on the cooler part of the grill. Classic green Italian salsa verde, a piquant mix of parsley, mint, anchovies, capers, and garlic, was perfect with our grilled swordfish. If swordfish isn’t available, you can substitute halibut.

4 (4- to 6-ounce) skin-on swordfish steaks, 1 to 1½ inches thick
2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
Salt and pepper
½ cup Italian Salsa Verde

1. Pat swordfish dry with paper towels, rub with oil, and season with salt and pepper.
2A. FOR A CHARCOAL GRILL Open bottom vent completely. Light large chimney starter filled with charcoal briquettes (6 quarts). When top coals are partially covered with ash, pour two-thirds evenly over half of grill, then pour remaining coals over other half of grill. Set cooking grate in place, cover, and open lid vent completely. Heat grill until hot, about 5 minutes.
2B. FOR A GAS GRILL Turn all burners to high, cover, and heat grill until hot, about 15 minutes. Leave primary burner on high and turn other burner(s) to medium-high.
3. Clean cooking grate, then repeatedly brush grate with well-oiled paper towels until black and glossy, 5 to 10 times. Place swordfish on hotter part of grill and cook, uncovered, until streaked with dark grill marks, 6 to 9 minutes, gently flipping steaks using 2 spatulas halfway through cooking.
4. Gently move swordfish to cooler part of grill and continue to cook, uncovered, until fish flakes apart when gently prodded with paring knife and registers 140 degrees, 1 to 3 minutes per side. Serve with Italian Salsa Verde.