Greek Sesame-Honey Bars

Cooking honey to the proper temperature guarantees the best flavor and texture in these Greek sesame treats. Greek Sesame-Honey Bars MAKES 32 bars WHY THIS

Individual Fresh Berry Gratins

For perfect Italian zabaglione , we use dry white wine instead of sweet and fold in whipped cream for structure. Individual Fresh Berry Gratins SERVES

Nectarines and Berries in Prosecco

To make a composed and cohesive combination, we macerate fruit with sugar before pouring sparkling wine on top. Nectarines and Berries in Prosecco SERVES 6

Honey-Glazed Peaches with Hazelnuts

For intensely flavorful glazed peaches, we broil the fruit and then reduce the accumulated juice to make a thick syrup. Honey-Glazed Peaches with Hazelnuts SERVES

Apricot Spoon Sweets

A syrup made from water, sugar, and honey turns fresh apricot wedges into a traditional Greek sweet. Apricot Spoon Sweets MAKES 4 cups WHY THIS

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