Provençal Fish Soup

WHY THIS RECIPE WORKS Every country with a coastline boasts its own version of fish soup; our Provence-inspired version is not only easy to make,

Lamb and Mint Sharba

WHY THIS RECIPE WORKS Sharba is the iconic dish of Libya used to break the daily fast during the holy month of Ramadan. This intensely

Spiced Fava Bean Soup

WHY THIS RECIPE WORKS B’ssara is a traditional Moroccan soup made with dried fava beans that is remarkably simple to make. But even a simple

Greek White Bean Soup

WHY THIS RECIPE WORKS Fasolatha , considered to be one of Greece’s national dishes, is a soup consisting of creamy white beans, peppery olive oil,

French Lentil Soup

WHY THIS RECIPE WORKS Lentilles du Puy are known as the caviar of lentils because this small, dark olive green–colored variety possesses a distinctly earthy

Artichoke Soup à la Barigoule

WHY THIS RECIPE WORKS Barigoule is a Provençal dish of braised artichokes, mushrooms, and root vegetables. We thought that earthy artichokes and meaty mushrooms would

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