A hot brine redolent with traditional pickling flavors makes a quick and well-seasoned giadiniera . Giardiniera MAKES four 1-pint jars VEG WHY THIS RECIPE WORKS

Marinated Artichokes

Cauliflower and Simmering baby artichokes in their aromatic marinade before storing them gives them bright and balanced flavor. Marinated Artichokes SERVES 6 to 8 VEG


Bread and potato create a lusciously creamy Greek skordalia , while lemon juice tames the raw garlic flavor. Skordalia MAKES about 2 cups VEG WHY

Provençal-Style Anchovy Dip

Our Provençal anchovy dip gets its velvety texture from boiled and pureed almonds. Provençal-Style Anchovy Dip MAKES about 1½ cups WHY THIS RECIPE WORKS A

Baba Ghanoush

Roasting the eggplants until they’re completely soft is essential for baba ghanoush with a rich, smooth texture. Baba Ghanoush MAKES about 2 cups VEG WHY


Grating and salting both cucumbers and beets eliminates excess moisture and ensures a thick, luscious beet tzatziki . Tzatziki MAKES about 2 cups VEG WHY

Classic Hummus

MAKES about 2 cups VEG WHY THIS RECIPE WORKS Classic hummus, which is made and eaten throughout the eastern Mediterranean, is composed of only a